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This Week

St George’s
Anglican Parish of Gate Pa
All who enter here be reconciled
17th February 2019 - OS6
Year C with The Rev’d John Hebenton

There is morning tea in the church lounge after the 9.30am Service.
Please join us. All are very welcome.
Please remember to turn off your cellphone during the church service

Liturgy Page 476.

Psalm: 1 NZPB Page 198
Psalm Response: Glory to God – Creator, Word and Spirit
As God always was, is now, and will be forever. Amen.

First Reading: Jeremiah 17:5-10 Bible Page 628
Second Reading:1 Cor 15:12-20 Bible Page 935
Gospel: Luke 6:17-26 Bible Page 838

Sentence: Blessed are you when people hate you on account of the Son of man. Rejoice and leap for joy, for behold, your reward is great in heaven. Luke 6.23

Prayer for the Day
God of transformation
you heal our troubled spirit;
turn our hearts to follow your way of humility
that we may find the blessing of new life;
through Jesus Christ our Messiah,
who is alive with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever. Amen.

All are welcome to receive communion. Prayers and anointing for healing are available during communion in the chapel, at the back of the church.
Please Keep This Time Silent For Those Who Wish To Pray

We don’t get to hear these readings very often, which is a great shame. We do this year because Easter is so late we get a few extra weeks before Ash Wednesday.

Luke’s “Sermon on the Plain” is a great piece of teaching, and stands in contrast to Matthew’s “Sermon on the Mount.” The setting is important – not a mountain top but a plain. Biblically plains are both places of corpses, disgrace, suffering, misery, hunger and mourning[1]; and places of renewal and hope as promised in Isaiah and Ezekiel. Jesus stands on this plain in the midst of broken people; poor, sick, hungry, shamed. To these Jesus repeats his message from his hometown, the message proclaimed by his mother. He declares these people blessed, honoured, of great importance. And he warns those whose comfort, wealth and sense of entitlement is built on their poverty, the ones usually seen as blessed, to change their ways.

Luke is writing to the supposedly wealthy Theophilus to tell the story of how the reign of God is present in this Jesus who is both the means by which this reign takes root, and the one who teaches how to live by the values of this Reign. How did Theophilus respond to this stark teaching and warning? How do we see ourselves and respond?
[1] Ronald J. Allen, <>

Our community: We pray for the communities of Gate Pa, Greerton, The Lakes, Pyes Pa and Merivale. We particularly pray for the ministry of Centrepoint and Whanau Aroha.

We pray for those who are dying, sick, in hospital or in any other kind of need, parishioners in rest homes and those who receive home communion and any others you hold in your hearts at this time.

Our Church: Today we pray for the people and clergy of the Waipaoa Parish and the people and clergy of the Waikohu Co-operating Parish.

Our World: Today we pray the Anglican Church of Australia.

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