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This Week

St Georgeís
Anglican Parish of Gate Pa
All who enter here be reconciled
21st April 2019 EASTER SUNDAY
Year C with The Revíd John Hebenton

There is a morning tea in the church lounge after the 9.30am Service. Please join us.
Visitors are very welcome.
Please remember to turn off your cellphone during the church service

Complete Service is in Service Booklet

Liturgy page 476

First Reading: Acts 10:34-43 Bible Page 895
Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 15:19-26 Bible Page 936
Gospel: John 20:1-18 Bible Page 882.

Sentence: ďI have seen the LordĒ

Prayer for the Day
Living God, long ago faithful women
proclaimed the good news of Jesusí resurrection,
and the world was changed forever.
Teach us to keep faith with them,
that our witness may be as bold,
our love as deep,
and our faith as true. Amen.

All are welcome to receive communion
Prayers and anointing for healing are available during communion in the chapel,
at the back of the church.
Please keep this time silent for those who wish to pray

Theme for the day
We begin in the dark gloom of death.
All that gave meaning and joy
declared meaningless
leaving despair and confusion
Then in the cold morn stood the Christ
risen not to fix or make right
that bloody death
so that those old ways of living can go on.
This is Godís affirmation
Godís yes to the way of love.
Resurrection is not just for later
Now we are invited into the death of
our habits that deny
our ways of seeing that blind
our images of God that separate.
We are invited into Christís revolution of compassion and generosity
Godís uprising of humble love.
What then is our next step?

Our community
: We pray for the communities of Gate Pa, Greerton, The Lakes, Pyes Pa and Merivale. We particularly pray for the ministry of Centrepoint and Whanau Aroha.

We pray for those who are dying, sick, in hospital or in any other kind of need, parishioners in rest homes and those who receive home communion and any others you hold in your hearts at this time.

Our Church: Today we pray for the Hui Amorangi ki Te Nanawa o te Wheke and their clergy and for the Rohe of Murupara, Ruatoki/Whakatane and Te Kaha.

Our World: Today we pray for the Province of South East Asia.

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