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This Week

St George’s
Anglican Parish of Gate Pa
All who enter here be reconciled

21st October 2018
Yr B with The Rev’d John Hebenton

Today at 10.00am we will celebrate St. Francis of Assisi love of creation with the SPCA Pet Service. There is morning tea after this Service. Please join us. ALL are very welcome.
Please remember to turn off your cellphone during the church service

Liturgy Page 456 NZPB

8am Sentence: The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10.45

8am Prayer for the Day
God of unchangeable power,
when the heaven and earth were made,
the morning stars sang together
and the host of heaven shouted for joy:
open our eyes to the wonders of creation
and teach us to use all things for good,
to the honour of your glorious name;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

8am Readings: Psalm 104:1-9, 24, 35c NZPB Page 317
Psalm Response: Glory to God – Creator, Word and Spirit
As God always was, is now, and will be forever. Amen.

First Reading: Job 38:1-7, 34-41 Bible Page 420
Second Reading: Hebrews 5:1-10 Bible Page 973
Gospel: Mark 10:35-45 Bible Page 823

All are welcome to receive communion
Prayers and anointing for healing are available during communion in the chapel,
at the back of the church.

I read somewhere that within the rabbinic tradition of Judaism scripture was like a multifaceted diamond. You gaze, contemplate, read, discuss a passage from one angle, and then turn the diamond/passage a little and gaze, contemplate, read, wrestle with, discuss from another. How far we have come from that understanding. Today churches are pulled apart over the one right way to read scripture. And so often our way of reading is shaped by our world view, our hopes and dreams for ourselves and those we love – no the other way around. Even the disciples were not immune to that. James and John in today’s story were pretty sure they were being biblical and they were right – despite everything Jesus had been saying about his impending death.
There were some big themes is Jewish scripture. One is: because God is moral and just, God will reward you if you are good with long life, wealth and children; and if you are not good, then the opposite. James and John were simply looking for the reward for being super good. And then comes Job, a good man, who loses everything. And the argument begins. Job says he is good, so God has not acted morally or justly and he wants vindication. The friends mock and say God is just, therefore you, Job, have been not good; repent! And God says “Stop! Who says that is how the universe operates? Who says that is how I must act?”
So what might it mean for us to pick up the multifaceted wonder of scripture and read from different angles? What cherished ways of understanding scripture and God is Job inviting us to let go of?

Our community
: We pray for the communities of Gate Pa, Greerton, The Lakes, Pyes Pa and Merivale. We particularly pray for the ministry of Centrepoint and Whanau Aroha.

We pray for those who are dying, sick, in hospital or in any other kind of need, parishioners in rest homes and those who receive home communion and any others you hold in your hearts at this time.

Our Church: Today we pray for the Hui Amorangi ki Te Manawa o te Wheke: Bishop Ngarahu Katene and the Rohe of Murupara, Ruatoki/Whakatane and Te Kaha

Our World: Today we pray for the Church in Asia and South East Asia.

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